India is known for it’s cultural diversity and textiles be it muslin, silks,
satin and cottons which are valued world over.

In the same spirit Pradip was established in 1980 with local production
after  getting  the success in local market the company moved forward
to  become  a leading  exporter  in the country. The  Board of Directors
foreseeing  the  recession  in  composite  sector  took  a  decision   of
modernizing process house to set standards of excellence in the textile
industry. Looking  to  the  great   potential  in  the  textile   market   the
company  started  its own  process  house in the year 2003. The textile
processing   covers    variety  of   products   which   enjoyed   excellent
reputation amongst its clients in various countries all over the world.

After  getting  tremendous  response in the processing sector company
management   approach  the   government  in  putting  weaving plant by
which  consistency of quality could be achieved. Further continuing this
process  one  more  process  house  is under construction, thus a total
commitment to Modernization.

The company achieved a great success in a very  short spell to leading
garment and Made-ups exporters.

As  Curtains and  walls between nations collapse Pradip’s world comes
closer. And  the  market grows  bigger. The Corporate vision sensed the
trend and prepared it self to compete by strategic investments in putting
Wider  Width  Processing  plant, Grey  dyeing,  printing and finish width
upto 130”.

The  Company has  its own stitching unit equipped with latest Japanese
machines with the capacity to stitch / deliver 3,00,000 Sets a month.

The Quota free world has offerred ample opportunities for the country such has India with respect to value added products which was resited otherwise due to Import Tariffs by EU, US & Canada. The countries having favoured nation status are no longer benefited. The countries who will concentrate for achieving an edge over the other countries with respect to qualities and commitment will command the global market. In view of this background the project has been prepared for the weaving unit having facility for Wider width fabrics. Looking to the short spell achievement of the company the government has sanctioned a Hi-tech textile park to our company for putting 850 looms of Sulzer, Waterjet and RUTI C looms with a width of 156" fully allotted with dobby.

The processing department consist of Bleaching, Dying, Finishing upto 130" with three Rotary Machine along with back up process like mercerizing, sinzing, sanforizing, raising etc.

laboratory is well equipped with sophisticated equipments and control. To control ann ensure consistence of quality at every stage of production.

Latest engraving plant with hi - tech design studio fully computerized and manual design department equipped with latest softwares for creation of new designs according to different market demands and client's needs.

Our highly trained Supervisors in all departments keeps an eye on every step of manufacturing. It is said that it is easy to get the customers but hard to maintain them. So keeping the above words in mind we give our customers the very best quality and maintain them.

POPL's stitching unit is fully equipped with Imported machines with the best technology. Our skilled labour has a vast experience in shaping the fabrics into different products and styles according to the requirement of the buyer. Each and every set is checked by our quality department before the shipment. The present production capacity of the stitching unit is around 3,00,000sets per month.

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